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How To Make Tofu Stir-fry With Mushrooms

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300 grams white sugar
2 grams salt
6 milliliters soy sauce
8 grams white sugar
5 grams ginger
10 grams chili sauce
15 milliliters cooking oil
2 grams monosodium glutamate (MSG)
10 milliliters sweet and sour sauce
30 grams dried wood ear mushrooms
5 grams green onion
1/3 of a teaspoon cornstarch

How To Make Tofu Stir-fry With Mushrooms

  • Low Carb
  • Vegan

Tofu stir-fry with wood ear mushrooms – Enjoy the yummy dish without worrying being fat

  • about 35 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


Tofu stir fry recipe gives us different yummy dishes with tofu. Besides, tofu stir-fry with mushrooms, especially wood ear mushrooms, is one of the savory ones. With the combination of tofu and wood ear mushrooms, we will have a chance to enjoy the tasty and healthy dish. Additionally, for those who are on a diet, the dish is also an ideal recommendation on the menu.

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Soak dried wood ear mushrooms in the bowl of hot water in 15 minutes. Then, take them out and wash them carefully. Trim off their stems and slice them into thin pieces. After that, wash tofu and then cut it into 1-centimeter-thick pieces. Next, in a bowl, mix salt, sugar, soy sauce, and sweet and sour sauce well to make the sauce.


Heat up 15 milliliters of cooking oil in a pan and then stir-fry green onion and chopped ginger. Then, add tofu in the pan and stir-fry gently to make tofu relatively crushed. Also, pour the sauce at step 1 in the pan and stir.


Also, add wood ear mushrooms and 10 grams of chili sauce into the pan and stir-fry. Next, dissolve cornstarch in a bowl of water and pour into the pan and continue to stir-fry the mixture. Add 2 grams of MSG and stir until they are cooked.


Turn off the gas stove, take them out and have them served with hot cooked rice.

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