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How To Make Japanese Steamed Eggs

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6 fresh shrimps
100 grams Chinese cabbage
15 milliliters soy sauce
10 grams Hondashi powder
6 shiitakes
300 milliliters dashi stock
15 milliliters mirin alcohol
2 chicken eggs

How To Make Japanese Steamed Eggs

  • Low Carb

Japanese steamed eggs – Healthy and nutritious

  • about 40 minutes
  • Medium


How to make Japanese steamed eggs introduces us with a nutritious dish for breakfast. In addition, this recipe brings us with an interesting recipe to cook eggs. Also, without using no cooking oil, it is very healthy.

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Stream off the roots of the shiitake mushrooms and then cook them. Also, wash Chinese cabbage, cut it into small pieces, and cook them as well. Take them out. Next, cut grilled fish into thin and small pieces. Then, wash fresh shrimps and cook them to remove their coat. Next, dice 3 shrimps into small pieces. Cut the other shrimps into a half to decorate the dish.


Beat up chicken eggs into the bowl to stir them finely. Pour 1/3 of the Dashi seasoning into the bowl and mix them well. Next, sieve it. Mix the remaining of the Dashi seasoning, Mirin alcohol, and Hondashi powder with the mixture of egg and stir them thoroughly.


Put the shiitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, grilled fish, and shrimps into the bowl of the egg mixture. Then wrap it with the food wrapping and then steam it in about 15 minutes.


Take it out and decorate it with the shrimps used to decorate at step 1.

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