How To Make Honey Baked Duck Thighs


2 duck thighs
20 grams chopped ginger
2 teaspoons honey
1 tablespoon soy sauce
10 grams chopped green onion
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon sweet and sour sauce
½ of a teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon white wine

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How To Make Honey Baked Duck Thighs

  • Sour

Honey baked duck thighs - Sweet and sour duck thighs for a party

  • about 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Medium


How to make honey baked duck thighs that look like those hanging in front of Asian markets? Come with us to explore the authentic recipe. It is an ideal dish to treat your family on weekend. And as ducks are richer in protein than chicken, this poultry will be an excellent alternative if you don’t feel like cooking with chicken for quite a while.



Soak duck thighs in fresh water in a pot in 15 minutes. Use toothpicks to prick holes in the duck thighs.
Pour white wine onto them and rub it evenly.


Add oyster sauce, sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, honey, and salt into the pot and rub them thoroughly.
Add chopped ginger and chopped green onion and mix them. Let them in the rest in the fridge in 1 hour.


Spread a layer of kitchen foil onto the baking tray and place the duck thighs on.
Apply a layer of honey onto the duck thighs and bake them in the oven at 200 degree Celsius in about 40 minutes.


Take them out and enjoy!


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