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How To Make Milk Egg Cocktail – Eggnog Recipe


8 chicken eggs
200 milliliters whipping cream
20 milliliters white rum
2 grams nutmeg
200 milliliters fresh milk
2 tablespoons vanilla essence
100 grams white sugar

How To Make Milk Egg Cocktail – Eggnog Recipe

  • Fresh
  • Low Carb
  • Sweet

Milk egg cocktail – Strange and special

  • 25 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


How to make milk egg cocktail is an attractive recipe to make a yummy cocktail of the egg with white rum. Besides, it owns another name which is “Eggnog” – a popular drink at the end of the year. Also, it is healthy and nutritious, very suitable for those who want to improve their health. Let’s try with this recipe of how to make milk egg cocktail.



Beat 6 chicken eggs so that their white is separated from their yolk. Put their yolk into a bowl, and add 40 grams of sugar. Then use an electric mixer to stir them finely.


Put a pot onto the gas stove. Then, add fresh milk, whipping cream, the mixture of chicken white, vanilla, white rum, and nutmeg into the pot to cook until the mixture becomes a bit condensed. Remember to continually stir it during cooking. Turn off the gas stove and put it into the cooler of the fridge.


Use the electric mixer to beat the 2 chicken whites of the other chicken eggs with 60 grams of sugar to make the cream onto the surface of the cocktail. Next, take the mixture out from the fridge and pour it into a glass. Also, pour the cream onto its surface and sprinkle nutmeg.

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