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Air Fryer Tonkatsu: A Delicious Japanese Dish Made Easy


½ cup ketchup
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon sherry
2 teaspoons worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 pound boneless pork breakfast chops
ground black pepper
2 large eggs
1 ½ cups panko bread crumbs
nonstick cooking spray

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Air Fryer Tonkatsu: A Delicious Japanese Dish Made Easy

  • Fresh
  • Garlicky
  • Smoky
  • 60 minutes
  • Serves 5
  • Hard



If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the delicious taste of Japanese cuisine right in the comfort of your own home, then look no further than air fryer tonkatsu. This popular dish involves breaded and fried pork cutlets that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With the help of an air fryer, you can easily recreate this classic Japanese dish without the hassle of deep frying. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of making air fryer tonkatsu and provide tips on how to customize it to your liking. So let’s get started!

Air Fryer Tonkatsu
Air Fryer Tonkatsu

Table of Contents

  1. Preparing the Pork Chops
  2. Dipping and Coating with Panko Breadcrumbs
  3. Air Frying to Perfection
  4. Serving and Accompaniments
  5. Customizations and Variations
  6. Tips and Tricks for the Best Air Fryer Tonkatsu
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Conclusion



Preparing the Pork Chops

Before we start cooking, it's important to properly prepare the pork chops for tonkatsu. Here's how:
Seasoning the Pork Chops
• Lay the pork chops on a clean work surface and season them with salt and pepper. This will enhance the flavor of the meat and add a savory element to the dish.
Preheating the Air Fryer
• Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius). This will ensure that the pork cutlets cook evenly and become crispy on the outside.


Dipping and Coating with Panko Breadcrumbs

Once the pork chops are seasoned and the air fryer is preheated, it's time to dip and coat the pork chops with panko breadcrumbs.
Dipping in Beaten Eggs
• In a shallow bowl, beat a few eggs until well combined. Take each seasoned pork chop and dip it into the beaten eggs, making sure to coat both sides. This will help the panko breadcrumbs adhere to the meat.
Coating with Panko Breadcrumbs
• In another shallow bowl, place a generous amount of panko breadcrumbs. Take the dipped pork chop and press it firmly into the breadcrumbs, ensuring that both sides are fully coated. The panko breadcrumbs will give the tonkatsu its signature crispy texture.


Air Frying to Perfection

Now that the pork chops are coated with panko breadcrumbs, it's time to air fry them to perfection.
Placing in the Air Fryer Basket
• Carefully place the coated pork chops in the air fryer basket, making sure they are not overlapping. This will allow the hot air to circulate evenly around the meat, resulting in a crispy and golden brown exterior.
Spraying with Oil Spray
• Lightly spray the coated pork chops with oil spray. This will help promote browning and create a crispier crust.
Air Frying Time and Temperature
• Set the air fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit (182 degrees Celsius) and cook the pork chops for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of your pork cutlets. It's essential to cook them until they are fully cooked and reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit (63 degrees Celsius).


Serving and Accompaniments

Once the air fryer tonkatsu is cooked to perfection, it's time to serve it up and enjoy the delicious flavors of Japan.
Serving with Tonkatsu Sauce
• Air fryer tonkatsu is traditionally served with tonkatsu sauce, a tangy and slightly sweet condiment that pairs perfectly with the crispy pork cutlets. Drizzle the sauce over the tonkatsu or serve it on the side for dipping.
Accompaniments: Rice and Shredded Cabbage
• To complete the meal, serve your air fryer tonkatsu with steamed rice and a side of shredded cabbage. The cabbage provides a refreshing crunch and balances out the richness of the tonkatsu.


Customizations and Variations

While traditional tonkatsu is delicious on its own, you can also customize and experiment with different seasonings and breadcrumbs to suit your taste.
Seasoning Variations
• Instead of simply using salt and pepper, you can try adding garlic powder, paprika, or other spices to the pork chops for extra flavor. Be adventurous and find the combination that suits your palate.
Breadcrumb Variations
• You can also experiment with different types of breadcrumbs, such as whole wheat or seasoned breadcrumbs, to add a unique twist to your air fryer tonkatsu. These variations can enhance the overall taste and texture of the dish.


Tips and Tricks for the Best Air Fryer Tonkatsu

Here are some additional tips and tricks to ensure your air fryer tonkatsu turns out perfectly every time:
• Make sure to thoroughly coat the pork chops with the panko breadcrumbs for a crispy exterior.
• Don't overcrowd the air fryer basket, as this can prevent proper air circulation and result in uneven cooking.
• Consider investing in a meat thermometer to ensure the pork chops are fully cooked to the desired internal temperature.
• If your air fryer does not have a built-in temperature setting at 360 degrees Fahrenheit (182 degrees Celsius), adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly based on your model's instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is tonkatsu sauce similar to Worcestershire sauce?
• Although both sauces have similar sweet and tangy flavors, tonkatsu sauce has a thicker consistency and contains additional ingredients such as soy sauce and vegetables.
2. Can I use chicken instead of pork for air fryer tonkatsu?
• Yes, you can substitute pork with chicken breast for a lighter version of tonkatsu. Follow the same steps for seasoning, coating, and air frying.
3. Can I make tonkatsu without an air fryer?
• While an air fryer yields the best results for crispy tonkatsu, you can also make it by shallow frying in a pan with oil. Ensure the heat is evenly distributed for a golden crust.
4. How do I store leftover tonkatsu?
• To store any leftover tonkatsu, place it in an airtight container and refrigerate. Consume within 2-3 days for the best taste and quality. Reheat in the air fryer for a few minutes to maintain crispiness.
5. Can I freeze uncooked tonkatsu?
• Yes, you can prepare the pork chops up to the coating stage and freeze them for future use. When ready to cook, thaw in the refrigerator overnight and follow the usual air frying process.
6. Are there any vegetarian alternatives to tonkatsu?
• While tonkatsu is traditionally made with meat, you can explore vegetarian options such as tofu or seitan cutlets coated and cooked in a similar manner.



Air fryer tonkatsu is an easy and flavorful way to bring the taste of Japan into your home. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can create a crispy and delicious dish that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Do not hesitate to customize your tonkatsu with different seasonings or breadcrumbs to suit your preferences. With the help of an air fryer, you can enjoy the crispy exterior and juicy, tender interior that makes tonkatsu a beloved Japanese dish. So why not give it a try and experience the flavors of Japan in your own kitchen?



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