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5 Special Tips To Cook Eggs – Give Your Eggs A Better Taste


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5 Special Tips To Cook Eggs – Give Your Eggs A Better Taste

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Eggs are always a valuable source of nutrients, including many important vitamins and minerals. Besides, it is also a popular and favorite dish in the culinary world.

Are you an egg lover? How many types of egg dishes do you know? Do you want to make out-of-the-world egg dishes for your family and friends? Here are 7 special tips to cook eggs. So let’s find out how to create extremely attractive dishes at home right now!



Soft-boiled Eggs

Soft-boiled eggs, sounds delicious, right? And to create this mouth-watering dish, you need to prepare chicken eggs or duck eggs, boiled pots with a lid and an ice bucket.
First, place the eggs into the pot and add water until it covers them. Bring the eggs to a boil when the water is still cold. One important thing that you have to take into consideration is that if eggs are taken from the refrigerator, you should leave them out to cool before boiling. This is to avoid breaking the eggs during boiling.
Next, you put the pot on the stove to boil. After boiling, leave the pot boil for about 5-6 minutes to help the eggs well done. While boiling, you should gently rotate the egg with the chopsticks so that the yolk is in the middle.
Finally, when the eggs are done, remove them and soak in a bowl of cold ice water for 2-3 minutes to facilitate peeling.


Sunnyside Up Fried Eggs

To make sunny-side-up fried eggs, you only need 1 pan of hot oil and an egg.
This egg dish requires experience as well as ingenuity. Sunny-side up fried eggs come standard when the yolks are still pale and fixed in the middle of the egg whites. And the egg whites are slightly crunchy on the edges but soft on the inside. Sounds interesting? Let's start!
First, heat the cooking oil in a non-stick pan for about 20 seconds on low heat and then beat the eggs into the pan. While frying, make sure that the yolk is in the middle of the egg white and the egg white is not spread out widely on the pan. Of course, this is a delicious dish when it retains the yolk liquid. So you should fry it for about 15 seconds and then turn off the heat, put the eggs into the plate.
On the other hand, if you are a lover of butter, you can use butter instead of oil. This added ingredient will make the dish more fragrant and greasy than the usual way.


Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a very greasy egg dish that can be eaten with bread in the morning. The main ingredients you need right now include eggs, scallions, and dry onions. However, some people add tomatoes to help the dish increase flavor and attractiveness.
First of all, you should break the egg into a bowl, add chopped scallions. Seasoning with spices (soup powder and fish sauce) is the most important step because it will determine the delicious level of your scrambled eggs.
Then, you beat it vigorously to dissolve the spices in the egg. Hitting hard and evenly will avoid the situation of condiments accumulating on the bottom of the bowl. Because it can lead to eating grit and uneven salt.
Now, we start to fry the egg. Put the pot on the stove, add 3 tablespoons of cooking oil and then dry onions. Then, add the tomatoes until it becomes smooth, pour the eggs and stir well. When eggs and tomatoes mix together, turn down the heat until it ripens. Done, our scrambled egg dish is complete!
Remember that you should not turn on the strong fire because it can easily burn the bottom of the pot. Besides, this dish should not be overcooked because it will be very dry and not delicious anymore.


Poached Eggs

All you need to prepare pretty poached eggs are a pot, vinegar, and eggs. This dish can be eaten with noodles or bread.
First, you need to cook a pot of water on the stove. And then add some vinegar (about 1-2 teaspoon ) to it. Wait until the water begins to boil.
Next, remove the eggshells and place the eggs into a small bowl. When the water is almost boiling (bubbles rise at the bottom of the pot), you can use a spoon to stir gently, then pour the egg bowl into the middle of the pot.
Note that you should not use chopsticks or spoons to move eggs. Let the eggs from the mold itself. When the egg white has solidified and turned milky, scoop it out with a spoon. You have got a perfect poached egg with the yolk still liquid.


Souffle Omelette

Souffle omelet? Have you heard about it? Yes, it is an especially popular egg dish recently. The recipe is also very simple with 3 eggs, Cheddar cheese, some butter, and salt. You can do it yourself.
As a first step, you should separate the yolk and egg white into 2 different bowls.
For the whites, you add salt and beat with an electric whisk/ whisk thoroughly and continuously until it is smooth and fluffy.
Next, pour a half of whipped whites into the egg yolk, you can use the whisk to mix. When the yolks and whites are combined, pour in half of the remaining egg whites and continue mixing. Now, you have a perfect egg mixture.
The next step is frying the egg. Put the pan on the stove, cover the pan with a thin layer of butter. Then you pour the egg mixture and spread it evenly across the pan to make the eggs thick enough.
Next is the step that most people like. Add some Cheddar cheese on top to make it more fragrant and greasy than ever.
When the eggs start to ripen after about 2 minutes, fold the eggs in half. After 30 seconds, you can turn off the heat and put the eggs on a plate.



In conclusion, here are 5 ways to make egg dishes extremely simple and delicious. You can refer to and change dishes often with simple ingredients - egg.
Hopefully, with this article, you can cook for your family and friends wonderful egg dishes by yourself.
Enjoy your meal!



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