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4 Delicious Recipes Of Banh Mi – The Culinary Soul Of Vietnam!

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4 Delicious Recipes Of Banh Mi – The Culinary Soul Of Vietnam!

  • Fresh
  • 1 hour
  • Serves 5
  • Medium


Banh mi has long been praised for its crunchy texture and tasty flavor, making people fall head over heels with it right from the very first bite. This dish also gains the recognition of a large number of gourmands all over the world. Have you seen the image of banh mi appear on the Google homepage in more than 10 countries? So amazing!

However, eating the same recipe of banh mi over time makes you feel bored to death. Any new recipes to vary the flavor? Absolutely yes, check out this article to find out more. 

4 Delicious Recipes Of Banh Mi:



Grilled Pork Banh Mi

Grilled pork banh mi is the perfect combination of crispy bread, along with carefully seasoned grilled pork, slices of cucumber, pickles, onions, and aromatic sauce.
Have you ever wondered what makes a grilled pork banh mi aromatic? It must lie in the highly-seasoned grilled pork.
Seasoning pork is an essential step. You may think that it’s hard but actually it is as easy as pie, just add garlic, black pepper, sugar, a little bit of salt, caramel sauce or honey instead, then mix them together. Also, adding the spicy powder to make the flavor rise up is a good idea. All the dressing is customized to your taste so feel free to do it.
Pay attention, please! Here is a noticeable step. You had better let the pork mixture absorb evenly with the seasoning for more than 15 minutes before grilling.
Then, let’s move to prepare other materials. Cut the carrot, beet into long slices and toss with some salt for 15 minutes before tossing with vinegar to make the pickles.
Now, another important part is to make the dressing. A delicious grilled pork banh mi will be incompleted without aromatic sauce. The process is as easy as a piece of cake. Let’s stir-fry the mixture of tomatoes, onions, red onions, garlic, and chilies finely. That’s all.
The last step is to put all the ingredients into the bread and have a bite. “Boom!” You are in heaven. This dish is shockingly delicious, right?


Banh Mi Chao

With eye-catching aesthetics, banh mi chao must be included in your must-try food list.
Some people think that the process to cook a tasty banh mi chao cuisine is somewhat difficult, but they might be wrong. It is unbelievably simple than you can imagine. The secret lies in the dense aromatic sauce. Rest assured that I will show you the exact way right off the bat.
All the add-ins that you need to prepare include sausages, tomatoes, eggs, pate, cucumber, onions, garlic and spices.
First, gently cut the sausage into many nice diagonals with a knife, then fry it until it is just done and take it out. Once you finish the fried sausage, continue with an egg. Take the omelet out when it is done, but do not forget to add a little bit of salt and pepper first.
Second, in order to make the sauce, you have to mince the garlic, onion and slice the tomatoes into small pieces. After that, put it all in a pan and stir-fry until you get a soft and smooth mix. Also, add some spices to boost the flavor, and water too. Remember that this dish must come with the thick and creamy sauce.
Once the delicious tomato sauce is done, add the sausages and omelets, pate, tomatoes, cucumbers in turn to decorate the dish. The dish smells good already and what are you waiting for without giving it a bite?


Spicy Breadsticks

Have you ever heard of spicy breadsticks? Among the recipes of banh mi I have mentioned above, this one is the simplest. However, do not make light of this cuisine as you will soon fall in love with the crunchy texture, the pate's fleshiness, and the aroma of chili.
The most important part of making a spicy breadstick is pate. First, add the liver, lean shoulder meat, a little bit fat, egg, fried garlic, and a little seasoning to the blender. The fresher the ingredients are, the better the pate is. After that, let’s steam the pate in a layer steamer for about 3 hours to make it delicious and soft.
With regard to the spicy sauce, you just need to steam the cooked tomatoes and chili peppers, then grind with a mixture of garlic, wine, vinegar, and a little salt. So you've made a sauce for breadsticks already. I swear that nothing would be simpler than this recipe.
When all the steps are done, put all the ingredients in the breadstick, take a seat and enjoy the meal without delay.


Fried Fish Cake Banh Mi

image recipe

If you get bored with pate, omelette, or sausage banh mi, why don’t you try another recipe? Perhaps fish cake banh mi, why not? Nothing would be better than the combination of greasy fried fish cake, crisp bread, and tasty sauce.
But how to make this cuisine? Follow me and I will show you how to make this out-of-the-world dish.
The common thing in those recipes I mention today is the requirement of sauce. Sauces play an important role in boosting the flavor of fish cake banh mi, but the boundaries between deliciousness and diminishing appeal are very thin. Therefore, the sauce must have sufficient savor.
What does the word “sufficient” mean? “Sufficient” flavor means neither bland nor strong, just enough to overpower the aroma of fish cake. Specifically, you have to make a sweet, sour and a little bit spicy source that keeps you infatuated while eating the fried fish cake banh mi.
About the fish cake, you can make it on your own or buy it on the market instead. While frying fish cake, make note that fish cake should be submerged in the oil at the low fire. If you do that, the fish cake can be cooked thoroughly without being burnt.
After that, bake the crispy bread and put the ingredients in, so you have a delicious loaf of fish cake. I bet that enjoying a fried fish cake banh mi in the morning will surely wake your energy up. So why don’t you try making it once?


Final Word

Making a unique yet appetizing banh mi is quite simple, but it requires careful preparation and precise dressing from the very first step. However, it is still worth challenging yourself to try, right? Hopefully, these recipes above are an inspiration to all of you guys, encouraging you to become a real cook in your own kitchen.
Get your ready and cook banh mi like a pro now!



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