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Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe: Spring Roll With Taro

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100 grams taros
1 chicken egg
50 grams wood ear mushroom
2 purple onions
3 green onions
10 rice papers
½ of a teaspoon monosodium glutamate (MSG)
1 small bowl cooking oil
300 grams minced pork
50 grams dried vermicelli
50 grams shiitakes
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
100 grams cilantro
1 teaspoon seasoning
½ of a teaspoon pepper

Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe: Spring Roll With Taro

  • Gluten Free

Vietnamese spring roll with taro – Special yet yummy

  • about 35 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Medium


Vietnamese spring roll recipe provides us with ways to cook yummy spring rolls. Also, spring roll with taro is one of these delicious spring roll dishes we should try. Moreover, the way to cook it is quite similar to the ways to cook other normal ones. However, with the addition of taro, the dish becomes stranger and more attractive.

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Remove the coat of taros, wash and scrape them. Also, wash vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, and shiitakes and cut them into small pieces. Next, mince the purple onion. Chop green onion and cilantro.


Add scraped taros, vermicelli, shiitakes, minced purple onion, chopped garlic, wood ear mushrooms, green onion, cilantro, minced pork, and chicken egg into a large bowl and mix them well. Add 1 teaspoon of seasoning, ½ of a teaspoon of MSG, and ½ of a teaspoon of pepper into the bowl and mix well.


Spread rice papers onto the cutting board. For each rice paper, take a tablespoon of the mixture at step 2 and place it onto the surface of the rice paper. Then, roll it a bit tightly. Continue to do until the mixture runs out of.


Heat up cooking oil in a pan and put spring rolls into the pan to fry on a small fire until their surface turns brown-yellow. Take them out and place them on a plate.

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