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Salad With Shrimp: Make Cabbage With Dried Shrimp Salad

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200 grams purple cabbage
300 grams Chinese cabbage
1 bulb onion
2 teaspoons white sugar
2 tablespoons vegan fish sauce
4 chilis
100 grams dried shrimp
20 grams dried onion
30 grams roasted peanuts
20 grams chopped garlic
1 lemon

Salad With Shrimp: Make Cabbage With Dried Shrimp Salad

  • Fresh
  • Low Carb

Cabbage with dried shrimp salad – Nutrient balance and tasty

  • about 30 minutes
  • Serves 3
  • Easy


Salad with shrimp is very delicious and nutrient, an ideal recommendation for meals at weekend. Moreover, cabbage with dried shrimp salad is also the yummy dish bringing an attractive savor. Besides, the addition of vegetable will balance the nutrients between fiber and protein in the dish.

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Wash dried shrimps and soak them in warm water in 10 minutes. Then take them out.


Wash purple cabbage and Chinese cabbage. Then cut them into thin pieces and soak them in a mixture of water and lemon juice in 5 minutes. After that, take them out.


Wash onion and then cut it into thin pieces. After that, mix them with white sugar to make them crispy.


Cut 1 chili into very small pieces. Next, mix 5 grams of chopped garlic, chili pieces, white sugar, fish sauce, water, and lemon juice to make a special fish sauce for the salad. Its savor of sweetness, sourness or spicy depends on our taste.


Stir-fry 15 grams of chopped garlic. Then add dried shrimps into the pan to stir-fry. Also, add a little amount of white sugar into the pan and stir.


Finally, mix purple cabbage and Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps, dried onion, the fish sauce, and roasted peanut. Then put the mixture on a plate and decorate it with chili and cilantro.

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