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How To Make Korean Kimchi

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900 grams Chinese cabbage (or Napa cabbage)
6 cloves garlic
5 grams white sugar
4 green onions
¼ of a small bowl salt
5 grams ginger
75 grams Korean chili powder
180 grams white radish
1 liter fresh water

How To Make Korean Kimchi

  • Spicy

Korean kimchi – Making our meals more attractive

  • 45 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


How to make Korean kimchi will bring you an easy recipe for the delicious Korean kimchi. Besides, we can eat kimchi with other dishes; therefore, it can make other dishes more attractive. Moreover, its ingredients are extremely simple to buy; therefore, it is surely not difficult to make perfect kimchi for our family.

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Prepare ingredients. Peel garlic and ginger then chop them finely. Also, peel white radish to scrape them. Next, wash green onions and cut them into 2.5-centimeter long pieces. Then, cut Chinese cabbage into 4 parts vertically. After that, continue to cut each part into 5-centimeter long pieces horizontally.


Put these cabbage pieces and salt into a large bowl. Wear plastic gloves to mix them. Then, pour fresh water into the bowl to cover all of the cabbage pieces. Squeeze the cabbage for 1-2 hour.


Take the cabbage out of the bowl to wash them with the cold water 3 times. Then let them dry. Also, mix ginger, garlic, and sugar in a bowl. Next, add Korean chili powder into the bowl according to our taste.


Use our hands to squeeze the water from the cabbage. Then, add white radish, green onions and the bowl of condiments into the bowl of cabbage. After that, mix them well.


Place the mixture into a clean glass vessel and squeeze the mixture tightly until the water from the mixture covers all of the cabbage. Use the small heavy thing to hold the mixture to be squeezed. Then lid the vessel. Let it at the room temperature for 1-5 days.


Check kimchi every day and squeeze it when we check. If we taste it and feel that it is good enough, preserve it in the fridge. However, we should use it within 1-2 weeks.

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