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Japanese Seaweed Soup With Miso Broth

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Japanese Seaweed Soup With Miso Broth

Tofu Miso Recipe

  • Fresh
  • Sweet
  • Vegan

Japanese seaweed soup serves with fresh tofu and a mildly sweet taste of miso broth

  • 15 minutes
  • Serves 3
  • Easy


Seaweed soup is a traditional frugal and nutritious soup in the Japanese cuisine. From basic ingredients, Japanese seaweed soup serves with fresh tofu and a mildly sweet taste of miso broth while still providing enough nutrition for each diet.

Especially, seaweed is a very healthy ingredient because it contains a lot of minerals for your body. In addition, seaweed also contains more vitamins than any other fruits or vegetables. Now, let’s try making this soup following All Asia Recipe‘s guide. And leave your comments as well as the contribution to our recipe!

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5 minutes


First, cut the firm tofu into small cubed dices (1.5 cm side). Then soak the dried seaweed sheet in the cold water, and separate the green scallion into the bulb and leaves parts. Cut the bulb into small slices lengthwise.

3-4 minutes

Next, make the Dashi sauce. Put about 830 ml water into a large pot with dried fish - Bonita and heat in 3-4 minutes until the fish drop to the bottom of the pot.

2 minutes

Now, filter the Dashi sauce, remove the boiling fish, and keep the sauce left. Then mix two kinds of Miso sauce: the white and red ones with a little filtered Dashi sauce until Miso sauces are mixed well. We pour this mixture of sauce into the pot and boil it.

5 minutes

When the pot is boiling, add dried seaweed, chopped green onion, and tofu to the pot, cook for 5 minutes. Finally, put the soup into a bowl, add more green onion if like. Serve with rice and best when warm. Enjoy!



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