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How To Make Fried Tofu With Salted Duck Eggs

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400 grams tofu
50 grams tempura flour
4 cloves green onion
3 salted duck eggs
chicken egg
245 milliliters cooking oil

How To Make Fried Tofu With Salted Duck Eggs

tofu with salted duck eggs

  • Fresh

Delicious until the last piece

  • 25 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


Best tofu recipes will draw attention from housewives as tofu is very healthy and suitable for a diet. With best tofu recipes, we don’t need to worry that our family will be bored with tofu. Hence, in this article, we will introduce how to make fried tofu with salted duck egg. It is a bit salty, fragrant. Moreover, the coat of tofu is crispy yet soft and sweet inside. So, it tastes very strange and delicious.

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Wash tofu carefully, then cut into medium pieces. Next, wash green onions carefully and chop.


Steam the salted duck egg yolks, then put into a small bowl to puree. Also, place the chicken eggs in a bowl to stir finely.


Boil 200 milliliters of cooking oil. After that, roll the tofu pieces in the dough, dip them into the bowl of the stirred egg yolks and then continue to roll them in the dough. Drop these tofu pieces in a pan to crisp. Then, as the tofu pieces’ color turns into yellow, take them out.


Heat up 15 milliliters of cooking oil and then add the salted duck eggs to the pan and stir finely. When they bubble slightly, add the tofu pieces, turn all tofu pieces’ surface so that the salted duck eggs to cling to the tofu. Then, shake the pan for about two or three minutes to make the tofu pieces to heat up.


Heat up 30 milliliters of cooking oil, add chopped green onions into the pan, stir roughly to make onion oil.


Put the tofu pieces on a plate and decorate it, drop onion oil onto the tofu and enjoy. They should be eaten when they are still hot.

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