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Deep Fried Dumpling Recipe: Dumplings With Crunchy Egg Crust

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2 vegetarian dumplings
3 grams pepper powder
1 gram salt
500 milliliters cooking oil
2 chicken eggs

Deep Fried Dumpling Recipe: Dumplings With Crunchy Egg Crust

  • Fresh
  • Vegan

Taste as yummy as an egg cake

  • about 25 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


Deep fried dumpling recipe will surely make the dumplings more delicious than boiled dumpling recipe. This is because the fried dumplings taste crispy and stimulate our tastes. Especially, the yellow color of these dumplings is extremely eye-catching. Hence, in this article, we will introduce one delicious fried dumpling recipe that will bring a newly different taste.

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Cut the dumplings into 0.5-centimeter thick slices. Next, put the egg yolks and salt in a small bowl and stir them finely.


Heat up the cooking oil with a little pepper powder. Then, dip finely each slice of the dumplings into the egg bowl and then drop them into the frying pan. When their color turns into the yellow and they touch crispy, take them out of the pan. After that, wait for a while to remove the oil left over the dumplings.


The fried dumplings with eggs are crispy, simple and quick to cook. With less than 25 minutes of cooking, we have delicious and crispy fried dumplings with eggs for breakfast or side meals.

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