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How To Cook Quail Eggs: Make Quail Egg Meatballs

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500 grams pork side
1 teaspoon chopped green onion
10 milliliters soy sauce
5 grams salt
1/2 of a chicken egg white
1 anise flower
200 grams lotus rhizome
20 quail eggs
½ of a teaspoon chopped ginger
5 milliliters alcohol
8 grams white sugar
5 grams wheat flour

How To Cook Quail Eggs: Make Quail Egg Meatballs

  • Sweet

Quail egg meatballs – A great combination of meat and egg without greasy.

  • 30 minutes
  • Serves 3
  • Easy


How to cook quail eggs will be a question for those who want to cook a delicious quail egg dish. Hence, we will show you a simple recipe of quail egg meatballs. Also, its color is very attractive. In addition, its gentle sweet taste will stimulate our tastes to enjoy our meals.

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Grind pork side and chop lotus rhizome finely. Also, cook quail eggs.


Put ground pork side into a large bowl. Then, add chopped green onion, chopped ginger, white alcohol, soy sauce, egg white, and wheat flour into the bowl. Next, mix them well in the sole direction. After that, add chopped lotus rhizome into the bowl and continue to mix.


Take a little pork side of the mixture at step 2 and put a quail egg in the middle of the meat and then roll it. Continue to do that until the mixture runs out of. Heat up cooking oil in a pan and then fry these meatballs until they are cooked. Take them out.


In another pot, pour a little water. Then, add anise flower, soy sauce and white sugar (depending on our taste). Cook until the mixture almost boils, and then add meatballs into the pot. Continue to cook until the water in the pot boils, then cook them with a small fire. Next, cook until the water in the pot becomes a bit condensed.


Finally, take these meatballs out and place them onto a plate and decorate.

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