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How To Make Coconut Filled Chocolate Truffles


2 tablespoons cooking oil
250 grams scraped fresh coconut
350 milliliters heavy cream
300 grams white sugar
150 grams dark chocolate
milliliters water

How To Make Coconut Filled Chocolate Truffles

  • Sweet

Coconut filled chocolate truffles – Sweet truffles for a cozy Christmas

  • about 40 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


How to make coconut filled chocolate truffles is an easy recipe to make delicious truffles for Christmas. Besides, chocolate and coconut are very good for our health. So, we can make them as a dessert after our meals or a snack to eat while watching TV. Moreover, these truffles are ideal for those who love sweet food.

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In a pot, add heavy cream, water, and white sugar, and then cook them in about 5 minutes. Remember to stir them finely. Then, turn off the gas stove. Next, pour the mixture on a stainless steel tray. Add scraped fresh coconut into the mixture and stir them gently. When the mixture becomes cool, put the tray at the cooler of the fridge.


When the mixture becomes condensed, cut it into relatively small cubes. Add dark chocolate in a pot and cook it until it melts. Pour the cooking oil while cooking the dark chocolate to make it brighter. When the dark chocolate becomes melted, dip each coconut cube in the pot and take it out to make it dry. Do similarly for the rest coconut cubes and then put them at the cooler of the fridge.


When the chocolate coat becomes dry, take them out and enjoy.

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