How To Make Chocolate Pancake


200 grams dark chocolate
150 grams powdered sugar
100 milliliters fresh milk
½ of a teaspoon baking powder
100 grams wheat flour
20 grams cocoa powder
125 grams peanut butter
2 chicken eggs
¼ of a teaspoon salt

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How To Make Chocolate Pancake

  • Sweet

Chocolate pancake – Charming our taste from the very first piece.

  • 1 hour
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


How to make chocolate pancake shows us the way to make a delicious chocolate pancake with sweet and bitter tastes. Besides, we can make it as a dessert or a cake in our family’s party, which is also great. The sweetness of chocolate certainly attracts us from the first piece.

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Turn on the oven at 180 degree Celsius and put the parchment paper in the baking tray. Next, cook the peanut butter and then add 150 grams of powdered sugar, 20 grams of cocoa powder and stir well. Then, add 100 milliliters of fresh milk, stir until the mixture boils, and then turn off the gas stove. Next, make chocolate sauce: cook the dark chocolate until it melts completely.


Beat the chicken eggs and take their white. Put the egg white into a bowl and use an electric mixer to mix. When the cocoa mixture is cold, add the egg yolks into the mixture and stir finely. After that, add 100 grams of wheat flour, salt, and baking powder into the mixture to stir. Finally, add the mixed egg white into the bowl and stir gently.


Pour the dough into the baking tray and spread it evenly. Next, bake it in the oven in 30 minutes. Then take it out and pour the chocolate sauce at step 1 onto the cake. We can sprinkle roasted peanut onto the cake to make it more savory.


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