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How To Make Cheese Ice Cream

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150 grams whipping cream
50 milliliters fresh milk
2 chicken eggs
100 grams cottage cheese
50 grams white sugar

How To Make Cheese Ice Cream

  • Fresh
  • Sweet

Cheese ice cream – Feel the fatty and sweet taste melting at tongue tip

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


How to make cheese ice cream is a very simple recipe for yummy and cool ice creams in hot days. In addition, the fatty taste of cheese together with the sweetness attract us from the first piece. Besides, the recipe is easy, and we can make them as a snack to enjoy with our friends.

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Mix 2 chicken egg yolks with 50 grams of white sugar in a large bowl by using an electric mixer. Mix until the mixture becomes soft and thick.


Pour 50 milliliters of fresh milk into a pot and cook until it boils. Turn off the gas stove. Next, add cooked fresh milk into the bowl of chicken egg yolk and stir them well.


Put cottage cheese in a large bowl and let it melted at the room temperature. Then, use the electric mixer to stir the cheese. After that, add the mixture of chicken egg yolk and milk into the bowl and continue to stir them finely.


In another bowl, stir 150 grams of whipping cream finely and add whipping cream into the bowl of the mixture at step 3 and continue to stir until the mixture becomes soft and smooth.


Pour the mixture into the ice cream molds and then put them in the freezer of the fridge in about 6-8 hours.

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